Never Apart

WHISPERING STILLS - A tale encaptured in a time capsule. In this exhibit, four young artists (all under 25 yo) confront us with an idiomatic vision, isolated from our reality. While we are enchanted and touched by these figurative worlds, the photographs reveal to us that art can be a social media of another kind.

David Uzochukwu (Brussels, Belgium)
Brendon Burton (New York, USA)
Kyle Thompson (Portland, USA)
Brian Oldham (Los Angeles, USA)

HOLLOW - With the criticism of traditions that we as society continue to uphold despite awareness of inherent flaws or outdated irrelevancies (thinking especially of political, religious, and economic structures) at the center of Mundy’s intentions, the images that make up Hollow present austere moments of dissonance between the individual, separate states of self, and collective systems.

Sean Mundy (Montreal, Canada)

POOL follows the story of Willem, a young man from Norway, on the dawn of an existential quest. Willem suffers from selective mutism, a form of social anxiety related to a speech impediment. Isolated, he spends his days commenting on the world without ever engaging with it. A series of strange encounters will take him on a contemplative journey through the dubiety of love and the human mind.

​Benjamin Lussier (Montreal, Canada)

April 16, 2016 - July 09, 2016

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