Alexandre Berthiaume

Le Salon 1861

Think Outside The Box is thrilled to present, in association with Chromatic, the photo series «MONTREAL LOVE» by visual artist Alexandre Berthiaume in the towering heights of the former church (Salon 1861) on a Friday the 13th!

«I never been to Montreal, but right now, after seeing this photography, that’s the only place where I would like to be. We love the colors, the light, this way to show how beautiful architecture can be.» - KALTBLUT Magazine

Because of a scooter accident, Alexandre Berthiaume was locked to his bed for an entire year. It’s only after what he calls “a heavy drugs treatment” that he started to feel less pain. He decided to take his camera and explore the city that he was missing so much, his own Montreal.

All the photos from the exhibition are available for sale via our print shop.

November 13, 2015 - December 03, 2015

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Photos by Sylvain Granier